Anna Sui How We Love You

Anna Sui How We Love You

Anna Sui How We Love You

Anna Sui’s products are luxurious. The attention to detail is what sets this designer apart, her approach is beautiful, pure art.

What started off as a passion for fashion evolved into fragrances and cosmetics, including the cutest little nail polish bottles you’ve ever seen sold at over 50 boutiques in 8 countries!

It was Anna’s rock n’ roll attitude that first caught our attention, along with her unique sense of style which she’s been refining since 1981. Take a peek inside Anna’s NYC home and experience the elegance of an icon!

A subtle ‘rose’ scent adorns Anna’s makeup collection and represents love and decadence.

When it comes to fashion, Anna’s attention to detail is second to none. From bouquet hem lines to the gorgeous pattern selections & cuts, Ms. Sui will have you updating your wardrobe in no time.

What you’ll love most is everyone can wear the designs, regardless of body type – you’ll find the perfect romantic look or casual weekend romper.

Anna’s diverse designs possess the rare combination of elegance and playful allure, the perfect compliment for a formal occasion one weekend and cocktail party the next. After all who doesn’t love fashions that can multi-task while making you feel beautiful.

Anna’s skincare line is the epitome of luxury but doesn’t promise unrealistic results, it simply endeavours to make the user feel luxuriated and pampered. Then, there’s that pretty packaging that you’ll proudly display on your vanity and the oh so alluring fragrance of rose.

Trade out at least one item in your beauty collection and pick one signature piece of clothing and your lifelong love affair and admiration for all things Anna Sui will begin.

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