Gilmore Girls or Bust! 

Gilmore Girls or Bust! 

Gilmore Girls or Bust! 

The best mother-daughter relationship in a TV series ever ran from 2000 – 2007 and was gifted in the form of “Gilmore Girls”! If you’re like us, you watched every episode and felt like Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) was your best friend. 

The entire cast was amazing and they never disappointed. It was a joy watching Rory (Alexis Bledel) grow up before our eyes. We all fell in love with Luke, the sweet and caring diner owner (Scott Patterson) and completely understood Lorelai’s coffee addiction! 

Secretly, we all wished our parents were as generous and caring as Richard and Emily and if you’ve watched the episodes on Netflix you’ll see that they ALWAYS had Lorelai’s best interests at heart especially when shed couldn’t see it. 

The writers heartily navigated the political times and dealt with social issues in ways that left you feeling good about the world! 

Stars Hallow launched many successful Hollywood careers that are still going strong; Melissa McCarthy, Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia to name a few.

When Netflix announced the reunion we were overjoyed and the best news was we wouldn’t need to set up the VCR to record the episodes!

Confirmed for a pre-Christmas airing, the four part mini-movies will represent a different season over the course of one calendar year. The revival will be set in the present day, or roughly eight years after the series ended! 

We’re thinking of hosting a Twitter trivia party to mark the occasion so we’ll keep you posted! 

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