Gummy Vitamins

Gummy Vitamins

Gummy Vitamins

If you’re among those of us who don’t like to take vitamins, you’re going to love what we recently discovered!

While doing a little shopping at Costco – and by little I mean, a cart full of things I had no intention of buying – when I happened to notice a sale sign at the pharmacy so naturally, it called for a look around.

There were countless lotions, and items I kew I’d regret purchasing when I saw VitaFusion MultiVites were on sale. The price tag was right for 250 gummy vitamins that boasted “to help maintain good health” so I popped them in the cart and headed for the checkout.

While standing in line, a lady behind me spotted my impulse buy and said “oh, have you ever tried those vitamins before?” I told her that to be honest, I’d been meaning to start taking a multi vitamin for a long time and the prospects of taking them in the form of candy appealed to me. She laughed and said that that had been her motivation as well and she was happy to report, everyone in her family was now happily taking them on a regular basis.

This was encouraging, I was excited to get home and try them for myself. Sure enough, they were soft and chewy just like a gummy bear and totally lived up to their claim “naturally sourced berry, orange and peach flavoured”. They went down easily and I actually had to remind myself that they were in fact vitamins NOT candy and that I should not take more than the recommended 2 per day.

Happy to report that everyone in the house is equally enjoying them and we’re on our second jar!

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