Oh Lego Here Comes Christmas

Oh Lego Here Comes Christmas

Oh Lego Here Comes Christmas

It’s that time of the year when all you see in your feed are ads from companies letting you know that if you don’t buy the latest and greatest for your child, you are a terrible person! 

I think that’s why we love Lego so much. They’re not a ‘seasonal’ toy! All year round we can count on Lego for Birthdays and comparable events. They are constantly changing up what’s on offer and always remain current with the latest movie releases and throwbacks for anniversaries of their best sellers like Star Wars.

If you haven’t been into one of their amazing stores lately it’s a must do! They have revolutionized the art of building and imagination with huge distribution of individual pieces that you most likely have lost under furniture or down vents (thanks Mr. Kitty).

The fascination of every child in one of their stores is wonderful to see and the best part is you will also be able to get Dads to spend hours in there shopping. 

Children’s minds need to be engaged and Lego over the years has continued the tradition of challenging young minds with their sets as well as encouraging individual design with the endless possibilities of connections. 

They offer FREE shipping for any order over $35 which is an added incentive and with their “Experience The VIP Treatment” section and “Pick A Brick” we know that this will quickly become your go-to, one-stop-shop for children of all ages on your list!

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