Why We Shop West Elm

Why We Shop West Elm

Why We Shop West Elm

Everyone knows how much we love a deal! With so many great places to shop online, what sets West Elm apart is its ongoing parade of discounts and sales! And who doesn’t love a parade?!

It seems that every time we check out their site, they’re offering up another great bargain and incentivizing us to shop with a percentage off or a promo code. 

West Elm’s website acts like a personal shopper too, which is pretty cool and based on items that you’ve perused, it will curate similar items and categorizes them by showing you what other people have purchased who’ve looked at the same items you’ve chosen. 

Additional features on their SALE section are the two categories ‘limited time offers’ and ‘clearance’ both offering great selections at amazing prices.

A fun sharing element developed by the brand is how they encourage people to share their purchases once they arrive with the hashtag #MyWestElm and then they post them to their site! 

So grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, put on your comfy cloths and start shopping! 

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