The FitBit Alta Has It All

The FitBit Alta Has It All

The FitBit Alta Has It All

The FitBit Alta is a beautiful piece of wearable technology that’s sleek, fashionable and a great way to track the progress of your workout regimen!

It has a lot of cool features like ‘All-Day Activity’ which tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, stationary time and active minutes so you can track your daily, weekly and monthly progress using their handy smartphone app and make changes to your workouts to enhance your fitness program.

“Reminders to Move” is a great feature that helps you stay active throughout the day by giving you subtle reminders to get up and move if you’ve been sitting at your desk too long which is great because we are all becoming increasingly aware of the necessity to stand up, stretch or do some isometric exercises to combat physical fatigue or even long term damage to your neck or lower back from extended periods at your desk.

“SmartTrack” automatically recognizes and records specific exercises that you perform allowing you to keep track of your exercise program for later analysis to optimize your routine and enhance its efficiency.

The FitBit Alta has a great tap display where you can instantly access your data, time and smartphone notifications which is tres cool when you’re on the go.

Did we say it’s fashionable? The bands come in a wide range of colors with metal, leather and classic accessory bands as well as collections from some of the world’s leading fashion designers.

This little wonder has it all and we highly recommend upping your game and physical fitness level with the FitBit Alta Activity Tracker!

You can Enter to Win a Fitbit Alta of your own from Soffee Active. Good luck and stay strong!

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