Van Houtte You Make Great Coffee

Van Houtte You Make Great Coffee

Van Houtte You Make Great Coffee

We were introduced to Van Houtte about 8 years ago after friends visited from Vancouver, BC and brought coffee as a host gift. We’ll be honest, we were curious why someone would bring their own coffee because they insisted that they would make it in the morning so the gift was obviously meant to be consumed during their visit! 

The very next morning without hesitation a pot of coffee was slowly dripping away and the warm aromas intrigued us. As the first sips were enjoyed we realized that our guests had great taste and a love affair with Van Houtte was born! 

Poking around recently on their website we could see they’d made some significant changes to the site and we loved it! A great RECIPE section had been created featuring everything from sweet to savoury and updated regularly to feature seasonal ingredients which is something we really enjoy. 

They have made it possible to shop online or find your nearest retailer so you’ll never run out of beans! This INSPIRATION contains oodles of knowledge and some pretty great ideas for leftover coffee and fun facts on how to remove coffee stains and let’s all be honest, this comes in handy on a weekly basis. 

On a recent trip, a hotel we were staying in had a Keurig coffee maker and Van Houtte pods in the room! A fun treat that we made excellent use of! 

With the holidays around the corner we know what we’ll be getting people for hosting gifts. Cheers to your mug! 

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