VVA The Most Beautiful Handbags Out Of Britain

VVA The Most Beautiful Handbags Out Of Britain

VVA The Most Beautiful Handbags Out Of Britain

When we saw out first VVA, we didn’t know who Sarah Haran was but we were about to discover that she is simply the hottest handbag designer out of Britain and truly the most generous! 

We’re huge fans of sustainability so when we found out that VVA’s practices include using sustainable, high quality materials we were in hook, line and ‘zipper’! These highly functional totes seamlessly transition from day to night and compliment myriad styles because when it comes to fashion, efficiency is key.

We fell instantly in love with their HERO handbag, the Dahlia Tote! A fun feature with this model is the unique pocket on the front that detaches to become a separate clutch or shoulder bag… I mean seriously, have you ever? And couldn’t you just die at how fabulous this is? 

Sarah, an accomplished business woman in her own right, developed VVA’s unique line out of necessity. After seeing a gap in the market for stylish, functional bags for the working woman she set her sights on developing a line that made it easier for women on the move to always have a handbag to suit every occasion.

Another amazing feature that sets this brand a notch or two above the rest is what’s known as The VVA Concept!

The VVA Concept is 3 styles in one that can be easily transformed from a carry, to a clutch to a shoulder strap bag and used separately or together depending on your needs. Think about that! Packing for a business trip or holiday just got a whole lot easier and lighter! 

We’re excited to be hosting an exclusive giveaway with VVA until February 28th! You can enter for your chance to WIN your very own Dahlia Tote!

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