Who Is Owen Gleiberman?

Who Is Owen Gleiberman?

Who Is Owen Gleiberman?

A lot can happen in fifteen years. That’s the amount of time it’s been between the release of the first instalment of the Bridget Jones film series, starring Renee Zellweger in the titular role, and the upcoming latest instalment, “Bridget Jones’s Baby”. In the span of fifteen years, fortunes can change, circumstances, situations, points of view… people can change. For better or worse, they get older. But they remain who they are, don’t they?

Not according to Owen Gleiberman, chief film critic for entertainment industry magazine Variety. On July 1, Mr. Gleiberman released an article entitled: “Renee Zellweger: If She No Longer Looks Like Herself, Has She Become a Different Actress?” Needless to say, it only gets more offensive from there.

In a nutshell, this “chief film critic”, who I’m sure looks a bit different now than he did in 2001 as very few of us don’t, did not review the movie “Bridget Jones’s Baby”, as it will not be released until September. What he did was watch a trailer for the upcoming film and give a nasty, sexist, unnecessary critique of Renee Zellweger’s face and whether or not it has been under a plastic surgeon’s scalpel.

The truth is it is none of our business. People change over the course of fifteen years. Some people have plastic surgery, others don’t. Some people change drastically with time, others look as we’ve always remembered them. Why does it matter? Sylvester Stallone looks a lot different in Creed than he did in the original Rocky. Is he a different actor? Apparently the Academy didn’t think so as Stallone garnered his second Oscar nomination for the role he originated forty years ago. His first Oscar nomination was for his portrayal of Rocky in the original film. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Gleiberman is 57 years old. He undoubtedly looks different than he did when he began is tenure at Entertainment Weekly back in 1990. I wonder if he’s the same critic?

Yes, there is a difference between an actress who exposes herself to the world on camera and a critic the majority of the public wouldn’t recognize if they were passed on the street. Maybe that’s the real reason someone would write a critique of an actress’ face after watching a trailer of an upcoming film she’s in when their “job” is to write critiques of actual completed and about to be released films.

The way we watch and find films is different than it used to be and I suppose a useful aspect of the job of a film critic would be to expose the public to films they may not otherwise discover. That is not what Mr. Gleiberman did. He watched a trailer of a film that will have a massive publicity machine behind it and used the opportunity to launch a diatribe about his opinions on plastic surgery and used Renee Zellweger as a scapegoat. That’s not his job either. What is his job exactly?

Gleiberman writes: “I just hope it turns out to be a movie that stars Renée Zellweger rather than a victim of “Invasion of the Face Snatchers.” I hope it turns out to be a movie about a gloriously ordinary person rather than someone who looks like she no longer wants to be who she is.”

For the sake of Mr. Gleiberman and his inflammatory words, I highly recommend “Bridget Jones’s Baby”, sight unseen, coming to theatres September 16th.

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