Winter Nutrition and Tips to Beat the Blues

Winter Nutrition and Tips to Beat the Blues

Winter Nutrition and Tips to Beat the Blues

We love the layers that Fall fashion brings and hot toddies during apres ski but let’s be honest  SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is real especially as the colder weather comes in often resulting in a bit of the blues.

It’s important to keep ourselves properly nourished to avoid feeling down during the season not to mention keeping away colds and flus that seem to be everywhere. Here are a few of our favorite recommendations to keep you sunny and healthy all winter long! 

Exercise is important all year round and if you are into winter sports then it’s a great time to check out a few of our favourites online and follow a daily routine from Denise Austin.  Super fun and geared to whatever your fitness level might be, Denise will have you in a positive mood and feeling great all winter. 

The consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D can also play a role in reducing depression. Include foods like salmon and sardines in your diet and things like chicken fed with omega-3 flax. There are some delicious recipes on our site to help you with preparation. 

Cut back on the junk food and make sure your getting enough brightly coloured fruits and veggies in your diet along with leafy greens. We often overlook salads in the winter and focus more on cooked hearty foods but chop a little side salad to go with your meals and smile! 

Platinum Naturals has a great line of vitamins that absorbs well and you’ll find them easily online or at your favourite health food store or vitamin shop. 

Bundle up and enjoy everything the season has to offer. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the odd hot chocolate from time to time as well! 

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